How Hypochlorous Acid Helps Keep You and Every One Around You Healthy

Using Your Own Body’s Immune Response to Fight – Before Contact

When your body is infected your white blood cells go into overdrive to remove the infection.

In the process they create a combination of salt and water through a process called electrolysis, which uses natural electricity to bond the salt and water into the hypochlorous acid compound.

To help fight infections, our white blood cells produce HOCl and this chemical is then released to kill germs of all kinds and rid your body of harmful pathogens. This compound is then released by the white blood cells to not just attack, but to also kill germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungi on contact and flush them out of your system.

For the first time since its discovery, HOCl is now available outside the body in shelf stable form, a monumental milestone in human history that has allowed us to use biomimicry to simulate the incredible power of our own bodies.

80-100% More Effective Than Bleach – Completely Non-Toxic

Current disinfectants are poisonous and toxic to the body.

However, because hypochlorous acid uses organic compounds to mimic the body’s response to infections, the solution is not just non-toxic, but, it’s also:




How It Works

Doctors have been using HOCl to fight infections for over a century.

In fact, hypochlorous acid was used by soldiers in World War I to make sure any wounds were treated and free of infections.

And, it’s something which you can see here:

That SAME organic compound is Hypochlorous Acid!

Bring HOCl Wherever You Go

So Why Am I Just Hearing About This Now?

Up until now, research into hypochlorous acid has been limited.

While hospitals have used on-site generated HOCl for years, developing a formula that could last long enough for consumers to purchase in stores or online was an endeavor that evaded researchers for decades, until now.

Thanks to global efforts studying and experimenting with new methods of stabilizing HOCl, today it is a commercially viable product ready to change the way humans do a wide variety of things from cleaning homes to growing crops.

Big budget brands avoided looking in to the technology because they decided it was best to avoid replacing their cash with a known product as opposed to a new product that was:

  • Better for YOUR Health
  • Better for Decreasing the Spread of Illness
  • And Better for fighting off pandemics and seasonal sicknesses

But now, your solution is here!

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