Forget Bleach. HOCL is Safer and More Effective Against Sickness.

By simulating the human body’s immune response without toxic chemicals, HOCl is up to 100x more effective than bleach yet is 100% biodegradable, making it the ideal eco-friendly cleaning solution.

What Makes Hypochlorous Acid Safer?

HOCl and Bleach are both a part of the organochlorine family of chemicals.

While both compounds clean and disinfect, full strength bleach is highly corrosive and toxic to humans and animals. HOCl, on the other hand, is non-toxic and eco-friendly as it is naturally produced by the immune systems of all mammals.

Granted, you wouldn’t necessarily want to drink HOCL since it would also decrease the natural stomach bacteria counts that you have to help digest food, but it also won’t corrode away at your tissue!

Beyond the fact that hypochlorous acid is MUCH more effective against infections, it also mimics natural bodily reactions without any additives and without toxic processes to ensure that not only is HOCL safe for use, but that it’s also safe for the environment!

How is Hypochlorous Acid Made?

We go into it more here, but in a nutshell HOCl is naturally produced by our own white blood cells.

This HOCl is then released by our white blood cells to destroy infections found in the body and to help start the process of removing harmful pathogens from your body to help keep you healthy.

Using a process known as electrolysis, we’re able to recreate the same chemical compound that those white blood cells create and use to fight infection. We combine salt and water in an electrolytic cell in a process designed to be non-toxic, eco-friendly, and sustainable that creates shelf stable HOCl for use in homes, offices, hospitals, and anywhere else there is a need for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.

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What Makes Hypochlorous Acid Safer Than Bleach

In the most simple terms, bleach helps to increase the acidity of public waters where plant and animal life rely on clean water to live.

In greater terms however, and beyond the toxicity levels of bleach and other disinfectants, they’re also completely different chemical formulas.

And, beyond just the health risks, bleach is strong enough to remove the colors from fabrics, something which hypochlorous acid is unable to do when made naturally through electrolysis.

Not to mention, while hypochlorous acid often leaves behind a faint smell of chlorine before it dries, bleach often requires airing out rooms after it’s been applied so as it doesn’t cause lung disease, bronchitis, or shortness of breath.

Stop worrying about having to open your windows and using fans to air out your rooms after using bleach and try the revolution that is HOCl instead!

So How is Hypochlorous Acid Eco-Friendly?

In recent years there has been a rise in the number of products highlighting the way in which they mimic natural phenomena.

Whether it’s the research of needles to mimic mosquito bites (without the itch) for less noticeable injections, or even just looking at animals to help make transportation quicker and safer, biomimicry is an endeavor to study nature to help develop products that are safer and more effective by emulating nature.

With HOCl, biomimicry allows us to recreate the human body’s natural response to infections.

Which means, creating solutions that aren’t just safe for your organs, muscles, and more, but also being able to apply them on surfaces and your skin so your white blood cells don’t have to be your main line of defense against getting sick.

And, because the solution is created using only natural solutions without bringing in any toxic processes, HOCL is also able to prove that it’s not just healthy for you, but also healthy for the environment WITHOUT any negative effects on the environment or yourself because it simply recreates your own body’s immune system.

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