How Biomimicry Can Help Protect You From Infections & Sickness

Your Body Naturally Responds to Viruses, Germs, Bacteria, and More
That Same Response Can Now Be Recreated to Keep You Safe Before Infection

What is Biomimicry?

While most people think of biology as being specifically related to the human system, biomimicry extends much further, into fields like agriculture, transportation, and even the medical field!

That’s because biology isn’t just limited to our own systems, but also to the study of other animals and organisms on Earth.

As one example, scientists have been looking at Kingfishers to help create bullet trains.

As another, they’ve been looking at mosquitos to create safer needles (without the itch, of course!).

And, in others, they’ve been examining prairies to help grow food in more resilient and effective ways that don’t rely on harmful chemicals to either protect the plants or to speed up their growth.

So, biomimicry is essentially looking at the natural events that occur and trying to replicate them, either with the same effect, or by using them to improve on existing products and processes.

So What Does Biomimicry Have to Do With HOCL?

In no small terms, A LOT!

When your body has an infection from viruses, bacteria, germs, fungi, and more, your immune system and white blood cells go on the attack to not just remove the infection, but to also flush it from your system to leave nothing behind.

In the process, they create what’s referred to scientifically as a weak acid, known as hypochlorous acid, that is completely organic and pH balanced to keep you safe.

This compound is then released from the white blood cells to root out and destroy the risk to your immune system.

And, using biomimicry, we’re now able to recreate the process to recreate the same effects of your body’s immune system on all surfaces to make sure that we’re helping to make the spread of germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungi as difficult to possible.

HOCl does all of this in a form that is:

  • Non-Toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Flammable
  • Alcohol, Bleach, Fragrance, and Dye Free

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How Biomimicry Differs for HOCl From Your Body’s Natural Response

When your body creates hypochlorous acid, it uses an enzyme encoded within your DNA to help build out the natural response to any infection and to try and rid it of your system.

Outside the body, however, creating the compound requires a bit of a kickstart.

Using a process known as electrolysis, we’re able to recreate the same compound by simply causing a reaction between salt and water by passing a soft electrical reaction that bonds the two into the same pH balance used by your body to then allow for us to recreate the same effect on surfaces around the house, office, business, or any public place you can imagine.

So Why Haven’t I Heard About This Before?

Short and simple.

Up until now, there have been two problems with hypochlorous acid.

The first is shelf life.

As most of the big brands have had solutions that were considered effective prior to now, they saw little value in actually trying to do the research to not just find brands that were better for your health, but also in trying find products that could be more effective and more eco-friendly.

However, independent scientists and doctors, like those at Pyuriti, have been doing their own research to try and improve on current products using their own dollars to not just fund their research, but to also fund for FDA and EPA approval to prove that they’re safe for human use and more effective than toxic solutions!

The second is cost.

Beyond the researching dollars to try and come up with better solutions, there’s very few companies who actually can make stable FDA and EPA approved versions of Hypochlorous Acid, which means that they’d have to do the research themselves and then wait 12-18 months to get FDA and EPA approval or pay overpriced rates for the companies that already have the solution available.

Which means passing the cost on to you.

And considering that the price has been so high in the past, it’s made more sense for them to just stick with the status quo.

Even though it’s been used as a wound healer since World War I.

But, that’s all changed now.

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